TruFit Blue Unit

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Price: $199.99
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Manufacturer: Tru Fit
Introducing the Tru Fit UNIT, the perfect training tool for rock climbing!  The UNIT is lightweight, sets up quickly and provides options for all ages and fitness levels. The functional style of training performed is known as Body Leverage Training and requires nothing more than an anchor, the UNIT and a user. Body weight training has been around for centuries as an effective method to build strength and develop true body awareness. Recently fitness professionals have utilized these techniques in personal training and athletic performance only to see outstanding results. It is this style of training that TruFit saw as the answer to educating adults and youth and inspiring them to live healthy, fit lives.
Blue - UNIT Features:


  • Dual anchor setup
  • Climbing grade nylon webbing
  • 30kn Body weight ring
  • 9kn adjustable locking buckle
  • 24kn Carabiner
  • Aircraft AL handles. T6/anodized
  • Laser engraved handle instructions
  • 36 page Guidebook
  • Instructional DVD
  • Nylon backpack & Ambassador assistance
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