Contact 2.0

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MSRP: $105.00
Price: $68.25 On Sale! 35% OFF
Manufacturer: Mad Rock
Following in Mad Rock's tradition of being an innovator, we've incorporated all of our next gen features into one shoe.  We've spent countless hours developing a new a material called the Power Flex Upper which allows for a tight, glove-like fit WITHOUT the pain that is inherent with other performance shoes. By infusing a two-way brushed polyester material with our new Science Friction 3.0 formula, you can get that performance-like fit with minimal breaking in. As with all of our new 2012 models, the Contact 2.0 is manufactured with our new R2 rand system that increases heel and arch tension but allows for a more sensitive and comfortable fit. A 3D molded sole combined with no mid sole makes this shoe fit like second skin. Very sensitive and very soft.

Classification: High Performance Sole: Concave DDS Midsole shape: N/A
Closure: Slipper w/ power strap Sole Thickness: Variable 3.8 mm Rand: R2
Stiffness: 1 Upper Material: Premium Leather Rand Thickness: 1.8 mm
Shape: Asymmetric Concave Footbed Material: Hemp Heel: 3D Molded PHH
Midsole Material: N/A Toe Patch: PowerFlex Weight (US 9): 235g
Midsole Thickness: 0 mm Toe Patch Thickness: 2.4 mm Sizes Available: 3-13
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