Concept 2.0

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US Men's 3:
Price: $54.50
Manufacturer: Mad Rock

Following in Mad Rock’s tradition of being an innovator, we’ve incorporated all of our next gen features into one shoe. We’ve spent countless hours developing a new material called the Power Flex Upper, which allows for a tight, glove-like fit without the pain that is inherent with other performance shoes. By infusing a 2 way brushed polyester material with the new Science Friction 3.0 Formula, you can get that performance-like fit with minimal break in. The Con series models are also the first climbing shoes to incorporate the use of a 3D molded polycarbonate midsole. The Concept 2.0 uses our AES-1 Midsole design to provide a stiff flex that never breaks down. The combination of our AES-1 Midsole and 3D molded rubber concave sole creates a cup that you can use to grab at features like a hand. A hemp foot bed keeps odors under control while also minimizing stretch. 

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